• Doretha Harris-McElliott

    I was low porosity but since Covid I have transition to gray. I was wondering does the porosity change after going gray and what products do you recommend for keeping it moisturized? And by the way I live in sunny and humid South Florida.

  • Taliah Waajid

    Our Curls Waves Naturals line curly curl cream 

  • Taliah Waajid


    Our Green Apple & Aloe line is good, and I would suggest drying the hair since it takes too long for your hair to dry.

  • Emily Adaaku

    What products from your range is for low porosity hair?

  • Nancy Watson

    I have two different textures. I’m my bang area it has a bit of heat damage from the flat iron and it’s dryer and straighter. I have a high porosity but my hair takes a while to dry with a wash and go. What do you recommend. I live in South Florida I am Afro Latina. My curls are ringlets but prone to looking dry. I have lupus so I take meds and Prednisone. Which is a steroid.

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