Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe 1,2,3 Easy Styling for curly hair.
Get the regimen that works best for your hair type.

1,2,3, Style & Go For Stronger Healthy Hair

Our Green Apple and Aloe regimens are simple. They each consists of three simple items for cleansing, conditioning and styling. Ex. Shampoo, Leave-In conditioner and the styling agent that works best to manage, define, compliment and bring out the best in your hair based on your curl/hair type. For healthy, moisturized and conditioned hair all year long, check out our Green Apple & Aloe Regimens.

Let’s Talk About Hair Regimens and why you should have one Simply put, a regimen is a routine (set by you!) to keep your hair healthy. A regimen provides structure and consistency to the lifelong process of caring for your hair. Think of your hair regimen as a five-star meal plan for your hair that is packed with all of the proteins, vitamins, and nutrients that your hair needs. Whether your hair regimen repeats on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, establishing a consistent routine that works for you will be your key to natural hair that always looks and feels its best.

Why Your Hair Will Love Green Apple & Aloe

Our Green Apple and Aloe collection was made to not only encourage longer, stronger hair, but also healthier hair! Green Apple & Aloe is a powerful, superfood-based collection that enriches, strengthens and moisturizes the hair while remaining gentle enough for daily use. If that’s not enough, it is nutrient-rich with vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and antioxidants to achieve your STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST hair. Enjoy its long-lasting scent year-round without harsh parabens, mineral oils, alcohol or gluten. Your hair will thank you for adding this collection to your daily regimen!

Taliah Waajid Green Apple Seed Oil

Are you looking for a light-weight oil that doubles as a hot oil treatment? One that is\ perfect for styling, adding shine and eliminating frizzy, fly away hair? Our invigorating Apple Seed Oil is made to promote healthy hair growth and reverse damaged ends. This oil is perfect for all hair types due to its well thought oil to weight ratio. Other oils leave curly hair hard to style but our Apple Seed Oil was made to add to any hair type regimen without taking away from definition.

Guess What? Apple Seed Oil can be used on all hair types! All hair types thrive from a good hot oil treatment. Just remember what we shared with you about the different hair types and their requirements for oil. Did you forget? If you did, read on:

Type 4 hair: The Thirst!! More Oil Please: This hair begs for oil like the desert begs for water! Remember the extra tight coils and curls that describe this hair type? Well because of this, Type 4 hair needs the most moisture. Our Green Apple & Aloe Apple Seed Oil has the perfect combination of essential oils that are known for penetrating strands and eliminating dry, dull hair. You can use Apple Seed Oil daily on this hair if you like.

Type 3 hair: I get thirsty, but not as thirsty as Type 4 hair does! Type 3 hair does not require a lot of oil, however it is good to apply some oil at least twice a week or when needed. Applying oil lightly to hair strands helps to reduce frizz, adds shine. Apple a bit to the ends of hair strands to help prevent split ends.

Type 2 hair: Only every once in a while for me. Oils can be kind of heavy for me so a hot oil treatment