• Lilian Tingwe

    Knowledge is power thanks for this information n

  • Dally

    Just go natural, ladies. It’s healthier for your body, your spirit, and your wallet. However, I won’t lie to you, going natural is not an easy road. Transitioning is challenging and wash day can be a pain. Most stylists aren’t properly trained in natural haircare so you will likely have to do a lot of the work yourself.

    Dating will likely be more challenging if you go natural,, especially if you are surrounded by men who haven’t learned to appreciate natural hair…and, sis, there are a LOT of them. But do you really want someone who pressures you to look like someone else anyway?

    Please note that this is no shade toward women who choose to relax because you are free to wear the style that you prefer. Nonetheless, something magical happens when you go natural, you start to love yourself as is, which can be difficult for black women who often feel forced to live up to Western beauty standards.

    No longer are you afraid of the teeniest bit of moisture frizzing up your hair. Working out, walking in the rain…all are now no big deal when your hair is natural. I literally forgot how to swim due to the years I avoided getting into the water just to keep my relaxed hair straight. Since I’ve become natural, I’ve rediscovered my love for the ocean. And, of course, relearning how to swim.

    I’ll end this by saying that if we want people to accept natural black hair as beautiful, we’ve got to take the first step and show them that it is.

    Wishing y’all love and support in your hair journey!

  • Carona

    My hair breaks alot when relaxed I’ve tried to have it all natural for a while now but its still not growing especially the back. I need help

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