Protective Styles Regimen Guide for Up-dos & Transitioning Hair Care

Up-dos: Up-dos are also protective styles and are great to wear when transitioning to natural. Some updo styles can last up to 2 weeks. Up-dos offer many styling options and are usually quick to achieve, convenient and can be done on relaxed hair, natural hair, braided, loced and twisted hair. When wearing an up-do, you should use products that complement the convenience of wearing an updo while helping to keep your hair healthy. Below are some easy to apply regimens that can strengthen hair, support hair and keep your hair its healthiest while wearing an updo protective style.

Transitioning Hair : During your hair transition, you will be caring for two different textures of hair. - The hair that is chemically processed and the new growth that is coming from your scalp. While the chemically processed hair will most likely be straight, the new growth will be curly, coily or wavy. You will have resistance at the point of the different textures when combing, brushing or trying to manage your hair while transitioning. This is why it is important to use a daily regimen with products that provide great detangling, strengthening and conditioning properties that address caring for these two different hair textures. During transitioning, you will also need maximum moisture and more frequent hot oil treatments conditioning nutrients for your hair and scalp. The regimens below help deliver the best hair care while wearing up-do's and while transitioning to natural.

Protective Styles Regimen Guide for Up-do's & Transitioning Hair Care

Examples of up-do protective styles: Ponytail using own hair or extensions, French rolls, Hair Sweeps, pin ups

It can take up to 18 months to grow the desired length of hair to wear most popular natural styles. We have found, based on our consumer surveys, that the length that most women feel comfortable starting their natural hair journey is at least 5 inches.