• Taliah Waajid


    If you have low porosity hair, the lco (Liquid, Cream & Oil) method is just what you need to keep you hair moisturized. Remember to keep you hair hydrated (use spry bottle while applying product), section your hair off and apply product liberally to ensure moisture is sealed into the hair.

    I suggest you use product form our Apple & Aloe Collection Moisturizing Shampoo, LIC , Appleseed Oil, and either the Curl Definer or the Curl Elixir s for your styling agent.

  • Adeola Noel

    I would say if you have low porosity hair you should use the lco method

  • Taliah Waajid

    Hi Desirae! Glad I could help you keep your hair healthy during your Natural Hair Journey! Thank you for your reading the blog!

  • DesiraeF

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you thank you! I followed your instructions and in all the 20+ years that I have been natural and doing my hair myself or going to the salon….What a difference a product makes. Taliah Waajid is truly the product for this’ooooh so thick’ hair. Again thank you☺️

  • Taliah Waajid

    JB, We will try yo write a blog on 3B hair very soon…. Thanks

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