• Peggy Robinson

    I have dreadlocks. Since I am now retired I don’t feel it’s necessary to re-twist my locs so often, (every 3 mths-6 mths), I’ve lost hair only at the crown of my head. I am 64 yrs old and post-menopausal. I did go thru a very stressful period on my job before retiring, in addition to my hairdresser pulling my hair. I use Minoxidil at the crown. Some areas grew back; some areas did not. I did have a biopsy many years ago and I was told that I did not have Alopecia. I will be switching to Revivv products when it is delivered sometime this week. My doctor is excited about it and wants me to try the Roll-on Revivv. My problem – I’m using the Aloida hair product line but my hair is still very dry especially where I apply the Minoxidil. I spritz with Rose Water with Bergamot oil and I get a great hydration. The thing is I tend to forget to apply it every 3 days. If my hair feels hydrated, I do not apply it because I feel it may change the PH of my scalp; but it does work. I read that I may need a protein conditioner once a month, can you you recommend one. I need moisture. I have coily 4C hair. Please help. Thanks.

  • Annette Anderson

    I use wave nouveau moisturizing lotion and moisturizing finishing mist because I used these products years ago when I had a wave nouveau/California curl. But now on my natural hair (4c) it seems to make it sticky and heavy buildup feeling. Is there a recommendation on what I can replace these daily products with. Thank you Ms Annette

  • Jacqueline

    Hello Taliah! I struggle with systemic dryness: skin, hair, ear, nose, throat. I manage autoimmune issues, including, gluten intolerance and bladder cancer. My hair has been so dry that it became hard and brittle throughout the day. It does grow but starts to break off in handfuls, at the crown, when it reaches a medium length. I have learned that it cannot be low maintenance without being severely dry. It requires twice daily waterings in the morning and before bed at the very least. I twist it into 4 rows, saturate the rows with spray and leave-in conditioner. I always wear a satin bonnet, and yet, wake up with completely dry hair. I very seldom apply oil as it only makes my hard dry hair feel sticky. Most days, I wear a pineapple style so I can apply extra hydration to the edges throughout the day. I don’t usually touch the ends, but I have begun carrying products to spritz my edges and ends throughout the day. My big question is: How much hair product is too much? Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you! P.S., I’ll be turning 65 this summer.

  • Emma

    What should my morning & night routine be?

  • Taliah Waajid


    Our Curls Waves Naturals line will be great for your hair type. Try detangling your hair while the conditioner is on your hair. 

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