• Taliah Waajid

    Hi Marie!
    You can use my Protective Styles Edge Control infused with Biotin

  • Taliah Waajid

    Hi Tati,
    You should moisturize your hair at least twice a month to prevent your hair from drying. If your hair is extremely dry, you can use the Curls Waves & Natural Repair and Restore Masque to ensure that your hair retains moisture. Then add my Curls, Waves & Natural Curly Cream Bundle to your hair care regimen. Your 4C Hair will be restored in no time! Use a silk bonnet to cover your hair at night. https://naturalhair.org/products/curls-waves-naturals-curly-curl-cream-bundle

  • Marie

    I have breakage on the sides. My hair is in locks but feels like staw, very dry. I grease it every few days but am not sure what creams to use?? It gets twisted Evey 5 weeks. What would you advise in regard to creams and adding in a leave in condition?
    Thank you.

  • Tati

    Hello, I am wondering how often i should moisturize my dry type 4 hair. It gets EXTREMELY dry even the morning after I do a twist-out using the LOC method the night before. I even sleep with a satin pillowcase. Do you have any tips to make the moisture last longer to prevent product build-up?

  • Sonwabise

    Hi, my hair Is very dry and there is a lot òf breakage. I would like to find what I can add to water as a spritz to moisturize and spray on my hair everyday so it does not get dry so easily

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