• Taliah Waajid

    Hi Tara!
    Thank you! We love your feedback! Our protective Styles Collection is great for Natural Hair Regimen as well! We just added two new products that support scalp and hair growth. Check out the links below for more information.

    Green Apple and Aloe Nutrition Clean-N-Curly Hydrating Shampoo Total Body Black Earth Shampoo

    Scalp Care Follicle Therapy Treatment Masque 12oz | https://naturalhair.org/products/scalp-care-follicle-therapy-treatment-masque-12oz

    Scalp Care Follicle Therapy Growth Treatment 2oz | https://naturalhair.org/products/scalp-care-follicle-therapy-growth-treatment-2oz

  • Tara D Evans

    I love you dry gel shampoo! I’m still exploring your other.hair products. Thank you!

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