• Vickey Waller

    Hi Vickey!

    Try these products out to help moisturize your hair. Please keep in mind that that the summer months can be brutal on your hair. Stay away from Alcohol based products, you want to stick with products that will moisturize and hydrate your hair. Be sure to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Always , always use a hydrating moisturizing Leave In Conditioner. Be sure to use a moisturizing styling cream as well. Here are some of the products that I suggest you use.

    Moisturizing Products
    AA Nutrition Shampoo/LIC
    AA Curl Elixir

    PS Bamboo& Coconut Milk Shampoo PS Bamboo & Coconut LIC PS Defining Curl Cream TW BE Protective Mist Bodifier TW BE Total Body Black Earth Shampoo TW CWN Clean & Natural Shampoo TW CWN The Great Detangler (LIC)
  • Deborah Billups

    Hi Deborah!

    So happy to hear that your locs are loving life again! We appreciate your positive feedback! Stay safe!

  • Terri Mccain

    Hi Terri!
    We are glad that you found what you needed! Thank you for your positive feedback!

  • Linda

    Hi Linda!
    Yes, we have two Co Washes to choose from: CWN Creamy Co-Wash and Shea Coco 2-In-1 Conditioning Co-Wash.
    Here is a handy link to those products. https://naturalhair.org/collections/co-wash

  • Linda

    Do you have a co wash product?

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