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    This is great to hear! Thank you for sharing your natural hair journey. This is why we post quality information about achieving and maintaining healthy hair. Natural is the best way to healthy hair.

    Yes, unfortunately as we age, our follicles do as well, so they need twice as much attention. Ensure that you are moisturizing your hair and scalp and using oils with essential and/or carrier oils or a combination of both oil types. Have you tried our Apple and Aloe collection? I will be emailing you a promo code for you to use to get 20% off of your order. The Curl Definer works great on 4A to 4C curl patterns. The Apple Seed Oil also works well for scalp and hair care and the After Shampoo Conditioner is the most moisturizing conditioner on the market. Let us know how you love the Apple & Aloe Collection.

    Take care!
    Taliah Waajid

  • Renita

    Your article was insightful, and it has encouraged me to not give up on finding the right haircare products suited for the combination hair I’ve been blessed with that ranges from 4A- 4C. I too am age 61 and have enjoyed wearing my hair in a variety of permed styles and lengths over the years. However, Menopause (at age 50) brought hair changes in the form of thinning and breaking. Your article has motivated me to not give up on my natural hair. Thank you for sharing your research and knowledge. Here’s to brighter hair days!

  • MelissaJan

    I am a 61yo white woman that has always had trouble with my hair. I have had stylists refuse to work on my hair. I have either 3C or 4A hair. I think it is actually a combination of the two, with maybe a little 4B thrown in for good measure. I have always had the kinky and wirey, but lately it seems to be more dry and flyaway than before. I am going to try your conditioning suggestions. Thank you for being so caring and informative. Blessings to you all.

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