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Protective Styles Regiment Care for Lace Front Wig Care -10%

Regimen Care for Lace Front Wig Care

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Protective Style Regimen for Lace Front Wig Care:  Lace-Front both half frontals and full frontals are very popular protective styles. Lace-fronts offer the perfect hair line whenever you want....

Daily Natural Hair Maintenance

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Daily Natural Hair Maintenance The key to long, healthy natural hair growth lies with your daily natural hair maintenance routine. This Curls, Waves & Naturals combination of Nutrient Rich Shine Butter, Hydrating...

Natural Hair Shampoo and Go Duo

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Natural Hair Shampoo and Go Duo Get your curly, coily, wavy hair wash-n-go game on lock with this amazing Curls, Waves & Naturals partnership. Cleanse and moisturize with Clean and Natural...

Transitioning Bundle

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Transitioning Bundle Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair? Sweet! We blend the strand fortifying power of our Black Earth Products Herbal Strengthener with the styling strength of Curls, Waves & NaturalsCrinkles and...

Curly Coily Definer Regimen

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Green Apple & Aloe Curly Coily Definer Regimen Taliah Waajid™ Green Apple & Aloe is a nutritive hair care regimen that strengthens and moisturizes the hair while remaining gentle...