• Taliah Waajid

    Hi Natalie!

    Braids are a popular protective style. Braided hair is considered a protective style because you are minimizing the exposure to heat and everyday styling that over time causes damage to your hair. No matter what the protective style is, it’s important to take care of your hair while wearing the protective style of choice.

  • Natalie Harris

    I absolutely love braids! It’s not necessarily a protective style for me. I wear them as an accessory.
    Whomever came up with crochet braids needs a hug from me. Talking about saving time, you can do a full install in no time. I’ve seen where only part of the hair is cornrowed and the rest is just parted and rubber bands secure the 2 sections and an install is done. I guess some folks have found a shorter shortcut for installs and if they’re not going to wear them for an extended time.

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