• lolitacollectivestore

    i really like this content ,Thank you for sharing such a useful content with us. your products are very nice it makes my hair healthy and shiny ,Please keep sharing such useful content.

  • V. Ramos

    Thank you for this blog! Most people are unaware of the ingredients in cosmetics and hair products. I recently returned three make-up items because it contained the ingredient phenoyethanol, which is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or obsored through the skin especially to nursing mothers or infants. This was in the foundation, lipstick and mascara that I purchased as all naturl. A products my be sold as all natural mineral base, but if you do not read what that product contains you will never know the harmful ingredients you are applying to your skin.

  • Tamico bey

    Hi your products are so good it make my hair looks healthy and soft, shiny. I like that your hair care company inform us about how to keep our hair healthy.

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