Choose the Right Product for your Natural Hair

What is natural hair? 

10 years ago, natural hair was classified as hair that has not been chemically altered by the use of any type of chemicals. That means, no relaxer, permanent or color should be added to the hair. The new definition of natural hair is hair that has not been altered by chemicals that loosen or straighten the curl pattern. Color is now looked at as an exception when we identify natural hair or when point out someone with curly hair as having natural hair.    

Why the texture chart for natural hair is wrong 

With the rise of natural hair and its popularity, knowledge about caring for natural hair and what products to use on natural hair is in demand. Curl pattern, density, and textured hair are buzzwords that surround the subject because they are the most talked-about when it comes to caring for natural hair. These terms are also most important when considering the type of products to use.

The texture chart has been a go-to for many who wear natural hair or are looking for information on how to care for their natural hair. However, this chart can be very confusing because it cannot accurately identify a natural hair type for everyone. Most people have a combination of several hair types, so the range on the texture chart needs to be more detailed once it gets past 3-B. For example, see the current hair chart below. 

Choosing the right product for your natural hair: 

Defining curls and styling natural hair is the second most desire after learning to manage natural hair. Many people depend on the texture chart for choosing hair care products for natural hair without considering that they most likely have combination hair types. Natural Hair Specialists call this type of hair “Combination Hair”. The product(s) you choose for your combination hair may work great on one part of your hair, but not so great on other parts. This causes you to think the product does not work for you so you try again using another brand of a product and wasting money in your search for the products that work for them. In these cases, you may have to use two different products on your combination hair to achieve your desired look. I see this when people are trying to wear their curls freely. Sound familiar?

Hair Density should also be considered if one is considering information on the texture chart for hairstyling. Hair Density is the number of hair strands that are in a square inch of the scalp on someone’s head.  

Below, you’ll find some tips on the best type of products to use to define curls on certain hair types and hair densities: 

Creams & Butters work best on:

Coily, tightly curly, and Kinky hair
Medium curly to overly curly hair

Density – Thick to medium dense hair 

Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl Cream 16oz
Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl Cream 16oz

Gels, Jellies, Gelle work best on: 

Medium to fine, loose curly hair

Density – Medium to lightly dense hair 

Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl “Gello” 6oz
Curls, Waves & Naturals Curly Curl “Gello” 6oz

Souffle’ works best on:

Tight wavy to medium curly hair

Density: Medium to lightly dense hair

Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle
Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle
Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle
Shea Coco Curly Hair Souffle