Protective Styling: Why You Should Wear Protective Styles

In this blog, we’ll talk you through all the benefits of protective styling as well as everything you should know about wearing these hairstyles. How long should you keep them in? What kind of protective styles are available? How should you keep your protective style clean?

9 Easy Steps to Grow Back Your Thinning Hair Edges

Growing back your thinning hair edges has its challenges. For one, they’re more fragile than the rest of your hair, which can cause them to constantly break. Fortunately, there are some fundamental steps that you can follow to grow back your edges like you never thought possible.

How To Maintain Deep Wave Hair

Some women spend their entire life figuring out the optimal way to care for their hair. And once they figure it out, they realize that their hair is something that’s truly worth investing in. Opting for deep wave hair means that you’re seeking a style that’s sleek and luxurious. Yet, how you care for it also has a great impact on how long it lasts. Here’s everything you need to know about maintain deep wave hair (also known as Brazilian deep wave hair).

Everything You Need to Know About Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Natural hair trends are finally pushing the beauty industry to look for safer, more natural hair solutions for curls. Research into chemical styling products and processes is also picking up as an increasing amount of scientists are taking on the task of testing hair product ingredients often found in straightening relaxers and colorants.


Four years ago, I experienced my second miscarriage in as many years. The first loss caused me great anguish. I kept wondering why. What had I done wrong? What was the matter with my body? But I carried on and became pregnant again. The second miscarriage was devastating. It happened a mere three days after my last doctor’s visit—a visit in which I’d heard my baby’s heartbeat and took home an image of the sonogram. I’d never known pain like that before and I will never get over it.


For me, spring is wash-and-go season. After a long winter of doing a bunch of protective styles to hide my ends from low temperatures, I’m leaving braids and twists alone for a minute. I just want a fat afro to complement the closet full of sundresses I’ll keep on rotation until it dips below 60 again. Low manipulation doesn’t have to be boring or routine though. Flowers have always been my go-to for adding some glow to my hair. A bright pop of color always looks super cute with fresh curls or a picked-out afro.