Why Therapy is A Good Idea for Everyone

“My therapist turned out to be wonderful. She spoke like a regular person and put me at ease immediately. She seemed to figure me out as soon as I came in. She saw that I was not going to be easy. I wasn’t going to be aggressive but she could see that I had my guard up. She called attention to it—not right away because that would have been a turn off—but she phrased things in way that signaled to me that she knew how I was feeling. She told me that I could say whatever I wanted. She really put the ball in my court to lead the session. She didn’t interrogate me.  Instead she asked me one very open-ended question.”


I just love the month of May. Typically during this time of year, the weather is consistently warmer but not too, too hot. In Atlanta, all kinds of festivals take place including the Atlanta Jazz Festival and Caribbean Carnival. It’s my birthday month! This week is National Women’s Health Week but the entire month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month.